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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Eagle Lodge from the lake at Green Valley Lake?

Eagle Lodge is about ½ mile away from Green Valley Lake. It is a flat, easy walk to the lake that usually takes a few minutes.


How far is Eagle Cabin from the lake in Green Valley Lake?

Eagle Cabin is about 1 mile away from Green Valley Lake. It is a flat, easy walk to the lake that usually takes about 15 minutes.


Can I walk around the entire lake?

Yes, you are able to walk around the lake. It takes about half hour to walk around the lake. The walk is usually good for all ages as it is mostly flat terrain with very mild up and down slopes.


Where are hiking trails?

There are many trails at the end of Green Valley Lake Rd around the campground, and at the end of Meadow Lane.


Where are sledding hills?

Sledding hills are available within Green Valley Lake and are about ½ mile- 1 mile away depending on where you go.


Are sleds included at the cabin?

Yes, two saucer sleds are provided for your use.

How far is Eagle Lodge & Eagle Cabin from Snow Valley?

Eagle Lodge & Eagle Cabin are about 7 miles from Snow Valley. It is typically a 15 minute drive.

How far is Eagle Lodge & Eagle Cabin from Rim Nordic Cross Country Ski?

Eagle Lodge & Eagle Cabin is about 7 miles from Rim Nordic. Rim Nordic is across the street from Snow Valley, and is open only during heavy snow.


What wildlife is located around Green Valley Lake?

There are mule deer, bobcats, mountain lions, eagles, falcons, quail, ducks, a variety of song birds, snakes, lizards, and big horn sheep. There are also bears in the San Bernardino Mountains. Bears typically prefer to stay away from people and are infrequently seen at Green Valley Lake. Bear tips can be found at

How old do I need to be to reserve the lodge or cabin?

The guest who is reserving the cabin needs to be at least 25 years old.


Are children included in the total guest count?

Yes, the guest count includes all adults and children who will be staying.


Is smoking allowed?

No smoking is allowed in the cabin or on the deck.


Is there a grill?

Yes, a propane grill is located at Eagle Lodge and Eagle Cabin.

Are special events allowed at Eagle Lodge & Eagle Cabin?

Special events and parties are not allowed. The lodge or cabin holds the maximum number of guests listed. If you have a specific request, and you are not sure it is allowed, we are happy to discuss this with you.

Are there snakes?

Yes, there are various snakes, including rattlesnakes in the mountains. When hiking watch where you are going and walk away slowly if you see a snake. In the years we have been hiking around Green Valley Lake, we have actually never seen a snake.


Does Green Valley Lake have mosquitos?

Green Valley Lake does not have a problem with mosquitos, however, there may be mosquitos around from time to time. It is always a good idea to bring bug repellent when going to the mountains.


Is a fishing license required? Where do I get the fishing license?

Yes, a fishing license is required. You can obtain a fishing license at the boat rental office next to the lake.

How far is Green Valley Lake from:

  Running Springs? 7 miles and approximately 15 minute drive time.

  Big Bear? 18 miles and approximately 35 minute drive time.

  Lake Arrowhead? 15 miles and approximately 30 minute drive time.

  Lake Gregory (Crestline)? 20 miles and approximately 40 minute drive time.

  *Drive times assume no snow or heavy traffic.

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