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Green Valley Lake Activities, Dining and Groceries

Green Valley Lake is a charming town with stunning natural beauty. With a full time population of only 300 residents, it is easy to avoid crowds and noise.

Green Valley Lake is definitely our favorite mountain community. A walk around the sparkling lake is a must do for all ages. It is a 30 minute gentle walk around the lake.

At the same elevation as Big Bear, snow is plentiful in winter.

We have highlighted below the many activities available in our Four Season mountain paradise!

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Snow Activities

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Paddleboard Rentals.jpg

Boat Rental



Beach Volleyball.jpg

Basketball & Volleyball

Mountain biking.jpg

Mountain Biking

Picnic Area.jpg

Playground & Picnic

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Offroad Crab Flats.jpg


Eagle Cabin Guest with her pups.jpg

Dog Water Play

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The Beach Area


Swimming from Memorial Day to Labor Day is available at the Green Valley Lake beach area depending on weather conditions. Swim passes can be purchased at the lake. For more information see Swim Pass Rates.

Green Valley Lake Beach Area
Swimming at Green Valley Lake
Green Valley Lake Beach Area
Beach Volleyball at Green Valley Lake

The kids swim section is on the left photo, and the adult and older kids section is shown on the right photo.

Inflatable toys are allowed in the swim section. During busier times a lifeguard is usually on duty. These photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon in August. Green Valley Lake is an excellent place to avoid crowds!

Swim up platforms are available in the beach area. There is a swim platform in the kids section and one further away in the adult & older kids swim section.

Catch some sun, relax, and enjoy stunning views of the lake, surrounding mountains, and majestic pines. 

A Beach Volleyball court is also in the beach section. Bring your family & friends and enjoy a game. There is a volleyball available for your use in each of our cabins.

Playground at Green Valley Lake

Kids can enjoy playing at the beach playground if they are not having too much fun in the water!

Beach Area at Green Valley Lake

Boat Rental

Boat Rental
Green Valley Lake Boat Rental Office
Rent a Paddleboard at Green Valley Lake

The friendly folks at Green Valley Lake's boat rental office offer non-motorized boats, kayaks, pedalboats & paddle boards from Memorial Day through summer & fall until Oct 31.

Kayak at Green Valley Lake

Explore the lake from the water, take a picnic on a rowboat, rent a boat and go fishing around the lake.

Rowboats at Green Valley Lake


Fishing at Green Valley Lake

The General Store across the street from the lake carries fishing supplies & posts general lake fishing information including current conditions on their website. Richard & his wife Alex are a fantastic source of helpful information about everything Green Valley Lake, from fishing to local activites and events! 

Fishing licenses are required and can be purchased online before your visit, or GVL Tackle will assist you with a fishing license purchase. In addition to the fishing license cost, GVL Tackle charges a $1 donation per license.

Fishing is a popular activity. The lake is stocked with fish regularly. Many people fish from the shore, while others rent a boat to explore other areas of the lake.

GVL Tackle at Green Valley Lake
Green Valley Lake Visitor's Info at GVL Tackle
GVL Tackle has fishing supplies
GVL Tackle sells firewood

Richard & Alex at The General Store offer free local information guides including:

  • Hiking Trails

  • Offroading Information

  • Visitor's Guides

  • Local Mountain Lifestyle Newspaper

  • Local Events

GVL Tackle's Alex is pictured on the right with crafts she creates herself. And they offer firewood for sale, although at times it sells out.

Community Basketball & Volleyball Courts

Basketball & Volleyball
Volleyball Court by Green Valley Lake
Volleyball by Green Valley Lake
Basketball Court next to Green Valley Lake

Next to the lake beach area behind the bear themed playground there is a community basketball and volleyball court.

A basketball & volleyball are available in each cabin for use on community courts.

A skateboard ramp is on the side of the basketball court too.

Playground & Picnic Areas

Playground & Picnic
Green Valley Lake's Bear Themed Playground
Playground at Green Valley Lake
Picnic Area around Green Valley Lake

There is a new bear themed playground next to the lake.

Kids can enjoy playing, while adults take in lake and mountain scenery.

A number of picnic areas are at the lake. There are picnic tables next to the bear playground, between the basketball & volleyball court, and on the side of the beach area.

Take a picnic and bask in small town mountain paradise.

Dog Water Play Area

Dog Water Play
Dog Beach at Green Valley Lake
These pups are having fun at Green Valley Lake's Dog Beach

Between boat rentals and the beach area there is a spot for dogs to play in the water. One of our guests had a great time with her two water loving pups this summer!


Hiking Trails at Green Valley Lake

Hiking is available on trails around Green Valley Lake campground. The campground is at the end of both Meadow Lane & Green Valley Lake Rd where miles of trails are located. The General Store has complimentary trail maps available.

Wildlife in the area includes deer, birds and an occasional eagle, chipmunks and squirrels. Black bears are residents of our mountains, although they are very infrequently seen.


In May through August numerous wildflowers are viewable on our hiking trails. Hikers can also experience remarkable views of Lake Arrowhead. Check out our Sunset Hike on the 2N13 Trail.



Free Snow Play areas are located within Green Valley Lake and are close to both cabins. A good choice for snow play is at the end of Green Valley Lake Rd close to the campground.


Four saucer sleds are included at each cabin for use on sledding hills.


Snow Activities

Snow at Green Valley Lake.jpg




Snow Activites

Snow Valley Resort 

Offers skiing, snowboarding, and snow play along with equipment rentals. 

Snow Valley is just 6 miles east with skiing and snowboarding.

(909) 867-2751

Snow Valley

Snow Drift Tubing Park (cash only)

is located just before Snow Valley.

A few hills to tube downhill. Good activity for younger

kids too.


(909) 867-2640

Rim Nordic

Offers cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Located across the street from Snow Valley.

*Opening is limited to times of heavy snow.

(909) 867-2600


*Before heading out to snowboard/ski/tube locations check hours and open status.

For more information on local Green Valley Lake SNOW PLAY & SLEDDING SPOTS and LOCAL RESORTS check our area guides.

Rim Nordic Cross Country Ski Area
Snow Drift Tubing Park

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking trails are located around Green Valley Lake.


Holcomb Crossing Trail

Little Green Valley Trail

Additionally Rim Nordic, just a few miles away, has a mountain bike trail with bike rentals available in late spring/summer/early fall. Rim Nordic also offers mountain bike racing including kids races. Check open hours before going, as some months are open weekends only. 

Skypark at Santa's Village in Running Springs also offers mountain biking. Their spring & summer open days consist of Thursday-Sunday, although you should double check days/hours before planning a visit. 

Mountain Bike at Green Valley Lake
Mountain Biking


Off-roading is another activity available at Green Valley Lake. Crab Flats is just a couple minutes before Green Valley Lake, off of Green Valley Lake Rd.

Crab Flats is on the left side, if you are driving towards Green Valley Lake, marked with a forestry Crab Flats Campground sign. Here is general information about the site: 


Here is a map of the trail system



Maintown Green Valley Lake
General Store.jpg

Green Valley Lake General Store & Shops

Green Valley Lake General Store (909) 685-4757

Convenience style store for items you may have forgotten.

Black Dog Shoppe

Wine, beer and gift shop. Sometimes the shoppe sponsors music and food. Check their facebook page for more details and hours.

Fishing Information

Fishing supplies & visitor information.



Running Springs

Running Springs Restaurants

Running Springs Eateries


7 miles and 15-20 min drive west from Green Valley Lake (possibly longer if heavy snow/traffic)

Neo’s Pizza & Old Country Coffee Shop are across the street from each other


Neo’s Pizza 32000 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs CA 92382 (909) 867-5373

*Neo’s Everything Pizza really does have every topping.


Old Country Coffee Shop 32019 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs CA 92382 (909) 867-3100

*Diner style eatery with good food.

Rocky's Roadhouse 32150 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs, CA 92382 (909) 939-0501

*Gourmet deli & restaurant, Large portions and good food.

Also visit our Local Dining Area Guide

Grocery Stores

It is best to plan out getting groceries and supplies down the hill before you get to Green Valley Lake. There is no close full size grocery store in Green Valley Lake.

At the bottom of the hill the last city you go through before the 330 is Highland. In Highland there is a Super Walmart with supplies & groceries, Albertsons, Stater Bros, Food for Less etc.

If you need a grocery store after you are on the hill, here are your options.

Jensens Market

6-7 miles away in Running Springs and a 15 minute drive in good weather & traffic

Small grocery store with most standard items, more expensive than other stores, very small meat & produce section

31987 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs CA 92382 (909) 867-2228

Stater Bros

15 miles away in Lake Arrowhead which is about a 25-30 minute drive in good weather & traffic

Full size grocery store, same prices as down the hill

28100 Hwy 189. Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352   (909) 337-5854


22 miles away in Big Bear which is about a 40 minute drive in good weather & traffic

Full size grocery store

42170 Big Bear Blvd Big Bear Lake, CA 92315  (909) 866-6027


Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear Information


Big Bear is 18 miles away, and in good weather and without traffic is about a 30 min drive. Snow and heavy traffic can definitely make the drive much longer. Many dining establishments, bowling, boat rentals, movie theater, and horse riding stable, are in Big Bear along with winter sports.

For information about Big Bear see

Lake Arrowhead is 15 miles away west on Hwy 18. Many dining establishments are in Lake Arrowhead, as are lake tours, and shopping.

For information about Lake Arrowhead see

Papagayos Mexican Restaurant 28200 CA-189, P-100, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 (909) 337-9529

*Good food, good drinks, Lake Arrowhead locals favorite.

The Grill at Antlers Inn 26125 CA-189, Twin Peaks, CA 92391 (909) 336-2600

*Nice special occasion restaurant in Twin Peaks area of Arrowhead, pricey but good food and atmosphere.

Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear

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