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Fall Leaves In Southern California’s Green Valley Lake! Where we really do have 4 seasons.

The weather is changing and so are the leaves! Driving to Green Valley Lake, as soon as I turn on Green Valley Lake Rd, it is wonderful to be greeted with a sea of gold leafed trees changing colors for the season.

Continuing your drive into town you will pass red maples by the lake. Some trees like this local Oak are just beginning their transition into stunning fall colors. You can see the greens change to gold before your eyes!

Time to layer up and sip hot cocoa or tea, viewing the surrounding fall leaves. Walking around the lake close to dusk, the leaves shine in the soon to be setting sun. Clusters of red, yellow, orange, and gold dapple the path around Green Valley Lake.

*As an added bonus at night, step outside and look up at the skies to see a clear night full of stars.

Enjoy a walk through the woods to see the beautiful reds, oranges and golds that are displayed all around. The lake offers red leafed maple trees along the shore, so a walk around the lake is also a must do. Sweater weather is finally here so come and enjoy this fall season in gorgeous Green Valley Lake, a hidden Southern California gem.

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