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GVL Beach - Visit Before It's Closed for Fall!

Updated: May 13, 2019

Summertime in Green Valley Lake brings people to swim, play, and bask in the sun, seeing only 2,500 guests each summer. This somewhat unknown mountain paradise is an uncrowded place to spend quality family time. The beach has plenty of space for you and your family to relax. With the sparkling lake surrounded by stunning forest scenery, you will definitely appreciate summer outdoors! Yet, summer doesn't last long in this neck of the woods! This year, the gates opened for swimming on May 25th, and they will close until next summer on September 5th- leaving you only a handful of days to enjoy it!

The beach holds lots of opportunities for family fun:

The Swimming Area - Featuring a Local Lifeguard!

The swim area is a favorite local and visitor destination! From 10 AM to 5 PM, Caleb the Lifeguard is there keeping you, and your family safe. A GVL local himself, Caleb enjoys taking the occasional dip himself, supporting the community, and walking around the lake with his wife and son! Bonus: For the rest of the season, ALL weekday swimming is only $3 each person! (book a stay at for a relaxing and fun vacation)

The Park

The Beach Park Area

Here, kiddos can enjoy a jungle gym including a slide, and different climbing areas. There is also a four swing, swing set featuring two baby swings, an two adult swings, allowing for a family sized amount of fun. The recreation center also features a park, but without swings, so utilize them while you still can!

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Court

Amateur or professional, come spike and serve at the beach volleyball court! Sand provides a bit of a softer landing than the concrete court does (ouch!), and can only be utilized until the beaches closes before fall!

So whether you prefer enjoying the rays while playing a game of volleyball, swinging at the park, or doing laps in the water, you don't have much more time! Hurry to Green Valley Lake, and don't forget to #gvllikealocal!

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